"First to fight mentality"
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The Resume

The Official Resume

“I want to work at your company even if not graphic design If I applied I’m interested and ready to help your company

to the best of my abilities always.”




of Fine Arts, Graphic Design class of 2019


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (2015-2019)


In Math and Science


Victor-valley Community Collage (2011-2015)


Bilingual (Egyptian arabic)

Guard Card (Pending)

Food Handlers Card

(I will work for food you don’t know how far I will go)


Discovering new skills and forming bonds and relationships with new people is what drives me to do my very best. Designing has opened new avenues of adventure and It empowers me to be more creative and assertive in my abilities as a professional.

Technical Skills




Adobe Xd





Microsoft office

Baykomious Nabil El Magarisy  Age 29

Baykomious Nabil El Magarisy

Age 29


All My Work History:



Official pdf upon request call 909-374-8916 or email:

Official pdf upon request call 909-374-8916 or email:

Work flow

Maximum effort

Mj Cafe, In walnut 2018 Barista // Bartender.

Manager: Ishan

Position Held: Barista and Bartender

Phone Number: (909) 612-7480

Location: 20747 Amar Rd, Walnut, CA 91789.

Not only am I interested in the restaurant business I love making boba its so much fun!. I try to test myself on my abilities and take lots of notes! If your restaurant is hiring I am looking for the job. My work ethic is superior! I am a team player and extremely efficient I want to save your business time and money you can count on me for that!. Whether it be my graphic design skills or my hands on skills as a barista and bartender my goal in life is to serve and not to be served. The restaurant business has always inspired me in my journey here.

Upward Bound & Student Success Tutor: Math & Sci.

Manager: Elizabeth Duarte

Position Held: Math and Science tutor

Phone Number: (760) 245-4271 extension 2415

Location: Victor Valley College 18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA 92395-5850

Upward Bound Tutor and my Community college tutor at Victor Valley, worked with some some of classmates and together we shaped Victor Valley Community college

Marketing for Harris Jewelry, and firms: 2011,2015.

Manager: Victoria Roth

Position Held: Front Salesman

Phone number: (760) 434-7179

Location: 2525 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA 92008

We had a legendary crew, I was the number 2 sales man, the main sales person was working there for 10 years. I used to get some sales and help Military members with their credit building. I opened up so many accounts that my crew was a top store. We dealt with returns occasionally but we made it feel like it was not the customers fault. We did everything that store was dream to work in. I worked with expensive brands like fossil watches and princess cut rings. It was an honest living I will always treasure that experience.

4 years Military Logistics :(USMC) 3043 Supply.

Manager: Ssgt Aaron Farmer

Positon Held: Marine

Phone Number: (760) 696-1130

Location: 1st Supply Bn
1st Supply Battalion
PO BOX 555627
Camp Pendleton, CA

Second Unit: CLC 151

My ability to keep things in order is unparalleled thanks to the military discipline and bearing that I have been blessed with. I could not ask for better training. It has helped me overcome obstacles and roadblocks in my life. In most recent times I was put to the test and all my training came in handy in my own time of need. The Marine Corps has instilled values in me that no one in my life has ever taught me about. Like Honor, Courage, Commitment, and to “Semper Fideles”. Which means to stay faithful. A true warrior knows this in their heart or hearts. Besides that some facts about my service in the armed forces, Started when I was in orlando florida and a Marine from the 60s told me to join his name was Jhona, I then really thought about it and decided I would. Fast foward


Rewards from Volunteer work

Csu Creative Jam (Cal Poly, Pomona 2019)

Event Live:

Duties: Got familiar with UI/UX Design with an in-depth competition that covered all the basic elements of good app design and design fundamentals. I learned so much I even re did the winning app under the suggestion of one of my friends.

Bonus: Our Group took first! (Look at the end to see the winners!)

Poly Kroma: (Cal Poly Pomona, 2019)

EVENT live:

description: Helped set up work for seniors including my own and did the Instagram and the a-stand bannes and set up the facility over all and take it all down when the event is over.

Poly Kroma: (Cal Poly Pomona, 2018)


description: Helped with layout of the senior portfolio work, and was assigned to do the Facebook banner.

Design A-thon: (Cal Poly Pomona, 2018)


Aiga feature:

School sign up page:

Bonus: we had to submit our portfolios!! before we could even get accepted!

description: Got first hand experience with charities in need of rebranding and logo work. Worked with a team of students for DACA charity.


Get Social Add Me!

Interpersonal Skills:






Travel- Going around the world at least once in this lifetime.

Physical Fitness- Key to success

Illustration- Opens new avenues

Reading- Opens the mind!

Catch Up on life! @ ig: bakho_mious_

Check out my Instagram page is a mixture of personal and professional stuff of which of both I am equally passionate about.

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